Healthiest Self-Cures? Surprise yourself.

Natural cures prove to be the healthiest.
When combined, self-healing is most likely.
These healthiest cures work better, naturally.
Imitating who does it best is our healthiest way.
The greatest achievements are shared freely here.
By learning and using an easy, one-second energy test,
the healthiest natural cures make us feel better, safely.
Here, you'll find some of the astonishing facts of your life.
Suspend your opinions, and information successfully gets in.
Take dangerous chemicals, or first try several healthiest cures?
You tell us every single pharmaceutical drug has nasty side effects?
You claim natural cures and foods to be free of side effects whatsoever?
Your M.D. has training only in drugs and surgery, not easing cause of issue?
You aim to pay or authorize payment of tens of thousands of dollars for drugs?
You spend tens of thousands for a car, and no few thousands for your Longevity ?
Has no one explained that drugs deal with symptoms, not what caused the symptom?
Forgive my innate preference for natural cures. Only as a last resort will I consider drugs.
Seven years after being told I was a full-blown diabetic, I have never taken a dose of insulin.
Decades after being told there was no chance of getting out of a wheelchair, I outrun grandchildren.
Why? That's easy: diet and stress management; eating foods that that feel good: vegetables, salt, water.
Learning not to sweat the small stuff, and understanding that everything is small stuff, it's become a richer life.
Told by two doctors that only surgery could stop the prostate pain, but would leave me impotent and using diapers,
I chose to acquire ten bottles of concentrated saw palmetto and ten bottles of betasitesterol. Maybe two hundred dollars.
That gear-slipping, groin-gripping pain was gone in twenty minutes, and that was a decade ago. Boo-hoo to naysayers.
Why so many men fall victim to greedy men and women who actually cut their patients into incontinence, impotence,
is really quite easy to understand: the pain absolutely overwhelms even the memory of a once-shattered spine.
Nevertheless, there are people who do not want men to know about this fantastically simple approach.
It merits noting that the concentrated saw palmetto and the betasitosterol don't heal you!
They simply correct some imbalances in the system that cause swelling and pain.
Looking at causes rather than symptoms has twenty times the usefulness.
Why don't you wise up? There are hundreds of natural cures for us all.
You don't need to become a medical or naturopathic expert.
Learn about what ails you. Seek out healthier alternatives.
You only need to study whatever is bothering YOU.
Here's the Healthiest Way For Life guarantee:
Whatever ails you, someone's had it before!
Someone has found natural cures for it.
On that foundation, start searching.
Natural cures exist for all of us.
With the help of technology,
natural cures really work.
Learn more. Live more.
You might give more,
at your healthiest!

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The people who live the healthiest, and wealthiest, naturally, are the people we champion and imitate.
It is not natural for children to starve to death, not when there is more than enough food in the world now.

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We know it is not possible to act without engaging equal and opposite effect, right?

Let's use Newton's Third Law of Physics for a most wonderful application:
saving the lives of those dying horribly from lack of food.

Learn the one-second energy test in a quick minute!
If this video does not astound you, you might need to watch it again. :-)
The Healthiest Way For Life shares UNPRECEDENTED new information.
No other organization in the world has made this many exciting discoveries.

QRA?   Sincerest Thanks For Quantum Reflex Analysis

How fantastic! Quantum Reflex Analysis does not cure or heal or even treat!
It simply identifies what organs, tissues, glands are weak, and what they need.
Anything that works approximately every time is good for the Healthiest Way For Life.
Learning QRA by going for QRA training is a wonderful, highly-recommended experience.
Just as well, going to a trained QRA practitioner for a professional QRA consultation is great.
Dr. Marshall and Dr. Forbes have genuinely earned global plaudits and gratitude for their genius.
May they both be granted Nobel Prizes and long life for QRA - true nutrition of and for the 21st century.
The Healthiest Way For Life is honored and thrilled to be the QRA - Quantum Reflex Analysis Internet Capital.

Teach yourself how to test the energetic strength of anything on or near earth.
Using the QRA test will do the trick for you, every time, with, say, greens drinks.
If you want to know if a greens drink is going to weaken or strength you, do QRA:

O-Ring Healthiest Way For Life QRA Image

Hold your thumb and any finger, preferably a weaker one,
and gently resist as a friend gently pulls the o-ring apart,
not as a contest of strength between two opponents,
just to see where your "zero point" is in the o-ring,
how much it takes to just begin to open that o-ring.

Now, gently bang say, a bottle of a drink you want to test,
with the thumb and first two fingers, in a simple pincer grip.
Now, have the friend pull your o-ring apart and see the difference.
If the energy drink is good, non-toxic, the energy drink will test strong.
If the drink is energetically weak, the energy drink will test weaker.
This applies to every substance and product on earth

Now, to find out if that energy drink will weaken or strengthen you personally,
test your O-ring first, then hold the bottle up against your chest or shoulders.
If the greens drink tests strong, that greens drink is going to strengthen you.
This applies to ALL that you think to put in or near your body!
If the drink tests weak, that specific drink proves not to give you energy.

The "catch" is that the tester can make errors if their GV20 point is weak.
We fix that with 30 seconds of QCI, or one second using the supercharged QVial.
Can't afford a QVial? Go to, it makes every point strong, and, it is free.

The QRA test is magnificent, and works on food, people, shoes, cars, EVERYTHING.

Vegetables and fruits, meat, fish, bed clothing, sunglasses, and everything else!

Do not underestimate the power of vastu. If you do not know about vastu, learn!!!
People with IQ's and bank accounts far beyond yours rely upon remediated vastu.
For without strong vastu, there is approximately zero chance of lasting prosperity and health.
On the positive side, there are a growing number of ways to remediate vastu wherever you are. Learning more is better.

Healthiest and wealthiest websites, hand in hand

Help Yourself With The Healthiest Way For Life

The healthiest lifestyles are the result of our of healthiest decisions.
Stop making excuses for mediocrity. Healing naturally begins with what you eat.
Put more greens and reds into your body: raw, and washed personally by you or one you love.

Stop forming opinions - in health and every other area of life - until you develop mastery.
MisterShortcut learned to shatter world records by keenly heeding masters and champions.
Hundreds of world records broken or shattered every year pay testament to those pioneers.
Among the most brilliant things you can ever do is to use your eyes and ears twice as much.
You have two ears, one mouth, two eyes, one mouth, and yet you use your mouth twice as much.
By re-learning what you knew as a child, what comes into your mind doubles again and again.
You knew as a child to use your eyes and ears twice as much as you used your one mouth.
This one act literally increases and expands your intelligence, and problem-solving skills.
The Avenue of Hot Shortcuts assures you a natural expansion of your results this way .
Mastery is natural to all humans, it comes as a natural use of your greatest shortcuts.
Who smashes a thousand of MisterShortcut's world records can start to know more.
Until then, heed this promise: My greatest shortcut is passing power shortcuts on!
You CAN develop mastery at a rapid pace - by learning something new every day.
It is easy, it is natural, it is a rapid shortcut, just learning one new fact per day.
You can learn one new fact per day, or you can learn one hundred per day.
The number that you choose between 1 and 100 determines your speed.
So You really determine your speed by how much you decide to learn.
Get it through your head: Excellence is a choice, not a given talent.
Use natural methods & substances: Yield the healthiest results!
Embrace the secrets of the Healthiest Way For Life, to live.
They are all natural functions of our most natural efforts.

You get to win on purpose when you live on purpose.
Remember, there are countless edifying resources.
Natural shortcuts tend to be the best of shortcuts,
which are to be found all over the internet today.
Ask better questions, acquire better answers.
Even tiny actions, repeated, return manifold.
Those who do it best prove to know it best.
Until that is you, imitate the ones who do.
SUM = ask more times, do it more times

While we do not always get what we want in life,
it is natural and normal to get most of what we expect.

If you search for the best natural shortcuts, you will find plenty of the best natural shortcuts.
It is a natural consquence of making a regular and repeat habit of making use of shortcuts.
Knowing in advance that you get what you expect gives you free opportunity to reach up.

Stop passing up so many opportunities, for you are beginning to appear quite foolish.
What you do shouts louder than what you say, so please, do not tell us, S H O W   us.

Better yet, show the face in the closest mirror that you can do it more than before.
This assures you a natural progression into YOUR healthiest, wealthiest states.
Surely you don't expect to hit your highest notes in life by accident, do you?

Set aside the artificial:
Pursue the most natural of answers to obtain the most natural of results.
Do you think it is a coincidence that the healthiest octagenarians routinely eat the healthiest foods, and stick to basics?

If you genuinely believe you know more about what is healthiest for us than old, strong people,
all we ask is that you speak less, and do more, personally demonstrating your superior knowledge. -   Winning cannot be attained by accident. Use your universal shortcuts to accelerate success. - Between Fibonacci and Great Shortcuts, Total Winning Is On YOUR Horizon

As is customary in the computer arena, and with Avenue of Hot Shortcuts Healthiest Way For Life,
Shapetalking is reasonably self-descriptive, dividing thoughts into fairly simple one-line concepts.
Making the most of the resources you already have available, new resources seem to multiply.
Do NOT foolishly underestimate the enormous power of this master secret of the universe.
The healthiest website is only inclined to deliver the healthiest, most powerful secrets.
Shapetalk into YOUR healthiest state of mind, and YOUR healthiest state of body.

Healthiest Natural Cures?

The healthiest natural cures are not alternative.
To the logical mind, “alternative” refers to modern medicine,
which is offered as an alternative to successful, less expensive naturality.
When you combine the world’s oldest technologies with the newest,
the benefits yielded are more than just powerful and effective.
As well, this mix turns out to be remarkably inexpensive.

Do you honestly believe your M.D. wants inexpensive answers?
For centuries, doctors were at the highest ranks of community,
when service impressed us more than acquisition of wealth,
where luxuries at the pain of another were unthinkable,
inconsistent with a most primal definition of decency.

If they were paid in eggs or I.O.U.’s now and again,
they always thrived in fat times and in lean ones,
as long as they kept their congregants healthy.
Today, such considerations do not come into play.
The nerve! Hundreds, thousands of dollars per hour?
Earning thousands from suffering is drinking of blood.
Three in a hundred doctors are holy, and, no, not yours.
Such doctors are knee-deep in patients, too busy for fame.
Their pursuit of wealth is found in better focus than dollars.
They end up getting paid most among their putative brethren,
in a currency too complex to be counted by today’s allopaths.
Since all antacids are part of the mega-billion-dollar hoaxathon,
(no such thing as a mammal suffering an antacid deficiency),
how many other natural facts does your doctor not share?
"Doc" told you oil of oregano naturally defeats infection?
The wisest decision of all is to be your own top doctor.
Before 100 days of learning only three facts per day,
you'll (narrowly) know far more than your MD does.
This applies to even the most complicated issues.
No doc knows more than 100 facts of one issue.
Learn more that you might live and give more.
Water, salt, bulk, bacteria, and unheated oil.
These are five master secrets of Longevity.
Air-dried sea salt, a spoon-plus per day.
Water, ounces in each waking hour!
Air, deeper than you did yesterday.
Unheated oil on everything it fits.
Live as I have, so sweetly,
with just five secrets.
Now you have it.
Use all five.


Healthiest, really Healthiest Secrets Of The Healthiest Way For Life

When we break or damage any body part, the body desperately needs nucleotides, six billion per cell.
How far past the M.D. you move when you pour good-quality nucleotides into your body after injuries.
Tiny, yet powerful health tips such as this are all through to be healthy.
When we are sick, what can boost the immune system more than nucleotides, & bovine colustrum?
Stay tuned to YOUR Healthiest Way For Life, for the greatest and healthiest pieces of information.

Healthiest measures, is what we choose, as the healthiest treasure, is natural, for you.
Healthiest treasures, is what we pursue, for the wealthiest treasure is health, it's true.
The tiny act of avoiding white sugar and flour, with no consideration of eating trans-fats,
as per all medical and non-medical sources heads off some 80 percent of all heart attacks;
You automatically and instantaneously head off a blanket majority of all known health issues.
Living the Healthiest Way For Life does not require long lists and memorizations of what is good.
Rather than adding to the list of things you need to remember for a good life, the list should get shorter.

Marshall called a supermarket a "mausoleum, where all the dead food lies in state." Energetically, not a stretch.
Do a BDORT, or QRA test on any fruit or vegetable, organic, not organic, just do this one-second bidigital testing.

You are in for several breathtaking surprises, and information on some of the proven ways to remediate bad energy.
Do some experimenting with pyramids. No need to buy expensive pyramids, although they do produce more energy.
It can made of Lego's, actually, or, most any safe substance, and anything near it will test stronger. Try it for yourself.
If it is not made of a high-grade energetically-oriented metal, make sure any one side gets perfectly parallel to north.
The greater the material, the more energy it produces, which is instantly measurable, by you, with a one-second test.
Learn more, so that you can live more. There is a great deal of information that is certain to stultify you into silence.
If you are bright enough to know how much nutrition affects your health, imagine knowing that energy means more.
Indeed. When you injure yourself, even modestly, metabolites result from healing, adding up for many, many years.

Blocking energy that cannot pass through metabolites, the energy reflexes opportunitistically, to weak organs/glands.
Relentlessly, day after day, year after year, those energy blockages cause a great deal of suffering, so easily palliated.

For thousands of years, mankind knew to use mudpacks. Today, a resurgence because QRA removes most guesswork.
Learn to do QRA, because it is the most amazing test of your life. Learn it yourself, and teach QRA to your kids, as well.
Open up the channels of genius that the Avenue of Hot Shortcuts has proven is extant in every living human. Learn QRA.

High-speed QRA testing lesson, free for your life, naturally.
You cannot learn less about anything, so learn more on purpose.     Shapetalks.US

Healthiest Knowledge Is Not Accidental With The Healthiest Way For Life

Are YOU Making Your Healthiest Choices?Since few of us do, let's help you to help yourself!

As it is for ALL humans, your opinions have worse than a zero value before knowledge and experience.
Your healthiest outcomes can only come from your healthiest decisions, based on YOUR knowledge and experience.
How can you build your knowledge and experience through countless minutes wasted forming opinions that have no base?
The single act of suspending your opinions until you know MUCH more is among the ten healthiest decisions you can ever make.
Whether you are smart enough or hungry enough to teach yourself how to make such a "healthiest decision," your minutes will tell us.

Healthiest Way For Life Commercial Interruption

We interrupt this broadcast of the Healthiest Way For Life and Avenue of Hot Shortcuts for a commercial.
The product sold does not require you to buy anything, certainly not from et alia.

The product sold is a bag of certainty that you are much more than what you have proven to be thus far in your journey.
Do you realize that one of the healthiest decisions you can make for both your health and the health of wealth, this minute,
Talk less, do more.
That's a shortcut.
Do it once more,
quite naturally.

Healthiest Natural Cures Are Proven With Life

Healthiest natural cures? The healthiest natural cures are the healthiest natural PREVENTIONS.
The healthiest natural cures are the healthiest natural NUTRITIONS. Stick with them for Longevity.
All sourcing for these healthiest natural cures are from those living stronger longer, and naturally.

Those living stronger & longer tend to know how they can live stronger for longer, we can agree?
They walk their talk, they are “the horse’s mouth.” Elsewise do we find the wrong end of the horse.
The healthiest natural cure might be the wisdom that raw food comes with digestive enzymes built in.
Food heated over 108 degrees no longer has any digestive enzymes, further taxing your low reserves.

Learn more: 3 new facts daily, so you can live more, increasing probabilities that you will also give more.

As long as healthiest natural cures yield up, you are obligated to pay your way by helping the helpless.
A healthy adult has some seven pounds of good, life-giving bacteria. Kefir promotes them, so do probiotics.
Almost all superior Longevity information, your healthiest natural cures, are found in these five potent secrets.
All great wisdom of the world is found within the Avenue of Hot Shortcuts and Healthiest Way For Life, for you.
Rather than the opinion of those who say they know best, these are the shortcuts of those who do and live best.

Read between the lines, because many of your PowerGems and HealthGems are literally hidden right in plain sight.
All that you find at the Healthiest Way For Life and sister sites is based directly on those repeatedly doing best of all.

Quantum Reflex Analysis - Healthiest Approaches Of Success

Healthiest Choices From Your Healthiest Websites, ala Quantum Reflex Analysis


Q.R.A. Is Quantum Reflex Analysis - Presented By The Healthiest Way For Life

Quantum Reflex Analysis, is being proven thousands of times per day.   The more educated you are, the more astounded you are likely to be.

Used together with Bodyscan2010 or SpectraVision, Quantum Reflex Analysis proves to be the most comprehensive clinical tool encountered or developed thus far. Medical doctors who care more for service than for money are going to snap Q.R.A. up once they understand it.

Nearly a thouasand naturopaths and perhaps a couple of hundred medical doctors are getting better and better at Q.R.A.

Dr. Cohen has exponentially advanced the work of Dr. Omura and Dr. Marshall. Nothing in the world can measure up to Q.R.A., because quantum reflex analysis is non-invasive and instantaneously proven. Proof is proof, after all.

To find a Q.R.A. practictioner near you, you can call Dr. Marshall in Texas, at 1-800 - 370 - 3447

"Help yourself... to heal yourself."
All of the expert Q.R.A. practitioners tend to be happy to teach you quantum reflex analysis for your own use.
The skillset you develop just by learning this magnificent one-second bidigital test tends to change everything.
Be quite clear: The Healthiest Way For Life believes that YOU learning quantum reflex analysis is a strict priority.
Even as it works against the income of Q.R.A. practitioners to teach you quantum reflex analysis, they still seem willing.
Why do you think this is so? Are you familiar with people who put the interests of service ahead of their own income streams?
Quantum reflex analysis is going to change the world of health and nutrition forever, because it works approximately every time.
So, again, you are urged by the Healthiest Way For Life to learn quantum reflex analysis for yourself, so you can use it forever.
Thanks so much to Dr. Omura for the bidgital o-ring test, and to Dr.'s Bob Marshall and Linda Forbes for the precision of Q.R.A.
Quantum Reflex Analysis is just one set of the many healthiest approaches that promote each of us living the healthiest life.

Patience must be extended to poor idiots of the world, such as people who actually allow their doctors to prescribe rat poison.
Yes, coumadin, among others, where you can never eat greens without fear of dying? Who stole your critical thinking abilities?
Even the most uneducated dolt on earth knows or should know to check every side effect of a drug before considering taking it.
Even it only happens to thirty in ten thousand people, (yeah, right), who is to answer for the death and suffering of those thirty?
A Healthiest Way For Life coign of vantage includes knowing that nearly all health issues before the last one has natural help.
Wise is the person who chooses to be their own doctor, promoting their own healthiest outcomes, by learning what works, first.

"Healthiest" and "Wealthiest" go hand in hand:
Enjoy and learn from the Healthiest Way For Life and Avenue of Hot Shortcuts

 - The first vastu site offering an actual online vastu shortcut.
Similar to trying train a swimmer who has never even been in a bathtub,
vastu is best learned within the waters of vastu. So, jumps in,
letting you prove to yourself the power of vastu. It is an attention-getting site.
Look for the secret vastu test right there in plain site (sight). Astound yourself. - Like every great work of life, vastu presentation skills also grow in time. - as wise and wiser is the man or woman who repairs their vastu
- Approximately everyone is capable of vastu remediation. Learn useful info on accomplishing vastu remediation alone or with help - MisterShortcut Vastu Remediation site for better vastu to help you rapidly help yourself - Plenty of proof: Prosperity does in fact prove to follow vastu remediation work - belief not needed
If you wish to remediate your vastu, from home vastu to office vastu, or even personal vastu, invest even just minutes learning.

Even children can learn to do vastu remediation work quickly. Plus, it's even easier and faster using Megaphotons images. They're free

Smarter still is to learn about vastu remediation on your own.
With so many thousands of great resources available online, it is impossible to learn less,
about vastu remediation or, come to think of it, remediation of most anything in your life and interest.
Learning more leads to better decisions. Better decisions tend to lead to the healthiest choices for the healthiest life.

Are these not sufficient reasons to pursue a "healthiest" life by learning more?
Learn more so you can live more, and, we hope, give more, by helping the helpless.

The Healthiest Natural Shortcuts Serve Us Naturally

How inspiring! Seven words there, and look how many different meanings naturally occur.
Please avoid perceiving this statement as one of excessively natural simplicity, for it's not.
Healthiest shortcuts, particularly those proven to work over the course of thousands of years,
serve us in ways that exceed the purpose for which you used that natural shortcut to start.
Most natural shortcuts, such as making sure you get ounces of never-heated oil every day,
serve us on a full range of issues, such as we find in the daily use of air-dried sea salt.
Did you know you need salt to provide hydrochloric acid, which disinfects filthy food?
Sure, the chloride fraction of salt (sodium chloride) is the basis for hydrochloric acid.
Not the disgusting, overheated, trash salt sold in most stores: Air-dried sea salt only.
Hydrochloric acid (HCL) is a natural way to protect your liver from rotting rotted food.
Naturally, you are not meant to eat much rotting meat, chicken, etc., and never were,
so it is natural to expect that you will prematurely expire your capacity to produce HCL.
By the time you eat 20,000 or so cooked meals, you no longer produce full doses of HCL.
That's why it is so critical to supplement with HCL, using it every time you eat cooked food.
Adding potassium (tomato-based) supplements to it bring methyl groups back to your cells.
These literally eat the damage that causes aging, so learn to use HCL and activator with food.
It must be natural HCL, derived from a natural source, best among them the good, natural beet.
When you use natural sources, you benefit your DNA in the long-term, versus unnatural sources.
Beet-sourced HCL is the only natural HCL known to so go learn more.
More energy and better digestion, better elimination, better weight control, no more tooth tartar, etc.
All of these natural states get re-engaged or at least re-encouraged when you use natural-source HCL.
Natural shortcuts abound, hm? Not a one of us need to believe silly shortcuts posted all over the internet.
Learn more so that you can live more. Look for natural shortcuts, we can bet you will find natural shortcuts.
You like natural shortcuts? Drink unheated extra virgin olive oil to oil your bones and skin from the inside out.
Add olive oil as a natural habit to every food it naturally fits. It is a delicious master natural shortcut of Longevity.
Remember that those who do it best prove to know it the best when they repeatedly prove their natural shortcuts.

The healthiest people are those who are making the healthiest decisions when they sit down at their dinner tables.

Hydroxytyrosol. Big word, bigger meaning for how long and how well your brain and body function. Drink ounces of unheated olive oil.
The magic secret of olive oil helping to clear sticky placque from your brain, and plenty for your body, is that the oil never be heated.
If your oil came from a store where a clear bottle was exposed to light, you have already lost half or more of its treasured nutrition.
Good oil cleans from inside out, boosts a huge variety of body and brain functions, qualifying as a master secret of the universe.
Stop proffering opinions on things you know too little about. Living your healthiest means imitating those who live healthiest.
The Healthiest Way For Life is a living imitation of people who are naturally living stronger for longer at youthful levels.
The primary reason for the Healthiest Way For Life is to be your healthiest website, for you to be your healthiest you.
Of all the healthiest secrets, what can be healthier than imitating those people who live the healthiest Longevity ?
Living stronger for longer is never an accident, making you wiser when you live with your healthiest shortcuts.
Water, oil, and great minerals, exhaling far more, and far deeper than you have, these are healthiest secrets.
Probiotics is a no-brainer automatic part of the diet of anyone eating food handled by other people. Simple.
These are your healthiest repeatable factors of those who enjoy mental and physical flexibility in old age.
We get it from the horse's mouth... or from the wrong end of the horse. AKA: "proof is better than belief"

Travel around the world, and find many tens of thousands of people living beyond one hundred, clearly at their healthiest.
You insist that they are old and weak. They say, "I have lived to see your age, you can only hope you live to see mine."

Again and again, the healthiest choices, simple choices, in dietary nutrition, contribute to the healthiest longevity.

What you know is a distant second-place to
what you repeatedly DO with what you know


Healthiest Way For Life Healthiest Secrets and Shortcuts
Genuine, and rapid, master secrets of the healthiest universe

Gently rubbing the flesh under your eyes, in circles, or even back and forth, prevents bags, even lessens those that exist.
All of your skin is the same with respect to this. Whatever you want staying fresh, is exercised, or is lost, your choice.
The healthiest decisions regarding your skin have nothing to do with cosmetics, which are only cosmetic, after all.
The healthiest decisions regarding skin are the dietary decisions that you make a thousand times every year.
Your skin cannot be at its healthiest if you are attempting to feed it, just like bones, from the outside in.
Both your largest organ - skin - and your bones, need to be oiled and nourished from the inside out.
Interesting, we think, is one of the two common traits in nearly 100 percent of centenarians,
is that nearly every one of them mentioned the presence of olive oil, (never heated).
A few spoons per day, a half-cup or more per day, just make sure it is not heated.
Once you heat olive oil, even the most natural, the healthiest, most nutritious,
all phytonutrients and antioxidants, enzyme-boosters and more, die off.
One hundred eight, maybe one-oh-nine, and the oil becomes rancid,
at which point even the healthiest olive oil is only toxic to you.
Morocco seems to be the only nation on earth without alkali,
the only place where olives are processed without alkali.
So, Morrocan olive oil may be the world's healthiest.

For the extremist, holding off on plugging up pores with makeup is a very sweet extra.

Whatever you choose to use, aim for the healthiest.
Oil and feed your skin and bones from the inside out
When rubbing, use good natural skin emolients or oil
Sunshine is vital, your one way to produce Vitamin D.

Contrary to words of fools, sunshine is critical to our life;
If you have to get solar energy at night, that's also fine, too.
Solar energy is stronger in daylight, but it's still round-the-clock.
Wet and oil your fingers, rub the flesh on your face, with solar energy.
Combined, you will no doubt hear comments about you having had a face-lift.
This is yet another top-25-of-all-time master secrets of YOUR healthiest universe.
With so many resources at your disposal that you still make little or perhaps no use of,
look to the sun, look to your fingertips, and the oil you may already have in your cabinet.
Maximizing YOUR use of the resources within your grasp is a healthiest and wisest decision.
Water is the 'catch,' here as everything great in life seems to come with a big 'catch' attached.
Healthiest Way For Life reminds us that most all we do is done better when wetness is present.
Putting oil on dry skin is not of benefit to the human body. Putting oil on wet skin is a huge benefit.
Those who begin this practice before they have significant wrinkles can expect to remain youthful.
While use of the world's first and only supercharged laser is wonderful, who knows if they will last?
MisterShortcut restricted his production to 3,500 lasers, invoking a decidedly treasured number.
The Megaphotons images live on, each continuing to dispense anti-EMF frequencies, and more.
Printing Megaphotons to use for you and loved ones is a delighted gift of the inventor, to you.
Query is, as usual, not in re what you know, but what you repeatedly do w/ what you know.
How you spend your minutes is how you spend your life. This applies to you, too, correct?
How you invest your minutes is how you invest your life. See what tiny changes yield?
Every day, invest 60 seconds combining oil, solar energy, and fingertips... happily.


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PowerGems and HealthGems are the most powerful and proven shortcuts of those doing better.
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By sharing these master secrets, the Avenue of Hot Shortcuts is for building wealth,
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The idea is that, by living better and stronger for longer, you may give more.
The more you help the world, the better your obituary and legacy will be.
Why just live your life, when you can live a life that lives beyond you?

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Empower people to empower themselves, which always helps in resolving challenges.
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Healthiest Way For Life Healthiest Secrets and Shortcuts

Healthiest secrets, healthiest shortcuts, all to show that we care,
you get to live stronger for longer, dear friend, when you choose to dare.
Dare to let go of white sugar and flour, after all they are both very bleached.
When you eat imitation food, dear one, your health will be consistently leached.
Live by your healthiest shortcuts, embrace all the healthiest secrets that prove true.
All that you thought you think you knew, are blown away when you learn the REAL truth.
Medical doctors are trained for critical care, in America they prove to be among the best,
but with sickness and disease, they lose most of their patients, they do not pass the test.
Over a million people in the U.S. are documented to die each year from medical error.
Even JAMA, the openly-admitted society dedicated to the needs of its membership,
and not even marginally to the health or interests of profitable repeat customers,
published facts that iatrogenic death ("given to the patient by the physician")
kills no less than two hundred thousand people every year in this nation.
The healthiest response, in being the healthiest you, means studying.
Three facts per day is a thousand per year, making you a master.
Thousands of people per day dying from these medical errors...
or, people just like you living at their healthiest, naturally?
Which of these categories do you place your health in?
The healthiest secrets have stood the test of time,
such as a thousand generations of mudpacking.
Learn more, so that you might live more.
Today, 9 of every 10 die unnaturally.
Your decisions are how to change.
You & yours at your healthiest
A life that is worth living,
is worth living well.

Healthiest Doctors - Learn To Be Your OWN Healthiest Doctors

You want the healthiest doctors ... wishing to consult with and be attended to by the healthiest doctors?
For starters, stick with basic tenets of both the Healthiest Way For Life AND the Avenue of Hot Shortcuts :
What you do speaks so loudly we can hardly hear a word you say.
No one today gets to live and thrive at their healthiest by accident, making careful dietary, nutritional decisions.
More than what a doctor can do for you, what you repeatedly put in your body decides if you are at your healthiest.
No medical doctor has magical cures. The healthiest doctors are those who take care of themselves with natural means.
If your doctor is among the healthiest doctors, can we agree that he or she will LOOK and SOUND like the healthiest doctors?
It is as simple as the fact of the sun shining down: the healthiest doctors are those living the healthiest of lifestyles.
Look into their eyes? Yes, indeed. Ask yourself one question: Are the eyes of your doctor clear and focused?
Ask yourself one question: Does your doctor encourage you to live at your healthiest levels naturally?
Ask yourself one question: Does your doctor encourage healthiest responses with foods?

Do You Understand That The Healthiest Questions Can Get You Your Healthiest Responses?

Ask some better questions: Does your doctor maintain the healthiest weight and healthiest diet rich in good nutrition?
Does your doctor maintain the healthiest balance between materialism and serving those in most need, with little money?
Ask yourself one question: Does your doctor advise you to engage in the healthiest activities, which are those that are natural?
Ask one BIG FAT question: Does your doctor turn to unhealthy drugs and surgery before turning to the healthiest natural alternatives?
Does your doctor even know that, or in any way communicate that, when you see "floaters," or have imbalances of cholesterol,
you urgently need to flush the garbage out of your dysfunctional gallbladder, and that it is cheap and safe to do it naturally?

Ask any one of these questions, or several if you choose, as the answers can help reveal the healthiest doctors to you.
Remember to keep it sweet and simple: the healthiest people are those people who are living the healthiest lifestyles.
Imitating those healthiest lifestyles, THEN adding your own initiatives, tends to duplicate the healthiest of responses.

More of the healthiest links to the healthiest ideas, found on the healthiest web pages on... you guessed it, the healthiest websites!
The more you learn, the better and wiser your decisions tend to be. You are encouraged to learn more in order to live more, naturally.

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Health shortcuts are the basis of the Healthiest Way For Life.
The more we learn, the better and longer we shall tend to live.
This is proven every day by those who embrace great health shortcuts.
The Healthiest Way For Life is a never-ending quest for health shortcuts.

Health shortcuts for you, some health shortcuts for me,
contact with health shortcuts is how to live more happily.
health shortcuts, health shortcuts, that is why we are here,
promoting more great health shortcuts, mostly for you, my dear.
Reach for more health shortcuts, and preach great health shortcuts,
for all the oldest of health shortcuts can often be as good as the new.

The Healthiest Way For Life Conveys What Secrets?
health shortcuts for you and health shortcuts for me,
contact with health shortcuts is how to live more happily.
health shortcuts, health shortcuts, that is why we are here,
promoting more great health shortcuts, mostly for you, my dear.
Reach for more health shortcuts, and preach those old health shortcuts,
for the oldest is often as good as the new.

Live Your Healthiest Way For Life.
Start with the easiest health shortcuts.
Health shortcuts through my life for health,
because health is the greatest form of wealth.
Health Shortcuts for them and health shortcuts for me,
contact with healthier shortcuts is how we exist quite happily.
Health shortcuts from other health shortcuts, that happens very often,
considering that health shortcuts can this painful journey sweetly soften.
Promulgating greater health shortcuts, primarily for those who have little,
because the richest amongst us, using healthiest shortcuts, care not a tittle.
Expanding on better health shortcuts, embracing the healthiest life we can live,
after all that's been said and done in this forum, it is all a healthy chance to give.
The more we give, the more we get, so give more health shortcuts, it's your best bet.
Reach for more empowering health shortcuts, teaching all that you live of good health,
and the Healthiest Way For Life assures you will then, possesses the greatest of wealth.

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Healthiest Shapetalk

Healthiest choices, healthiest snares,
the healthiest websites, for those who care.
The healthiest life has daily salt, water, and oil,
wherein only the water is allowed to come to boil.

What's over one hundred and eight degrees, my sweet dear,
is something your body assuredly does not ever want to be near.
How easy to throw "healthiest" around, without needing to back it up.
Healthiest choices, healthiest lives, healthiest ways of healthiest wives.

The choices that we make, day after day, meal after meal, determine a great deal,
including, for most of us humans, the day and time and the precise cause of our demise.
How can you live at your healthiest when you are now primarilys eating your way to death?
Literally eating your way INTO a six-foot box, six feet under, from your poorest of food choices.
Look at the healthiest people, and you see they make the healthiest choices. You think it connects?

aiming to deliver YOUR healthiest information, through the healthiest people

Healthiest this, and healthiest that, everyone is offering the healthiest track.
In truth, it is you, and really only you, who can bring out your healthiest that,
you might hope to be today, in pursuit of living longer days in your own way.
Healthiest here, and healthiest there, the goal is to top the healthiest wares.

By embracing the simplest, most powerful concepts of healthy longevity,
such as air, water, unheated oil, air-dried sea salt, and, daily,
fiber or bulk to clean out, and good, natural probiotics,
you MULTIPLY the likelihood of living your healthiest,
your most fulfilling, physically-fit lifetime.
Learn more, that you might live more,
as naturally as you can be...
at your very healthiest.